When starting Spelling Notebook for the first time, begin by creating a wordlist of words to practise.
To do this, tap ‘Add Wordlist…’.

Spelling Notebook will prompt you to name the wordlist.

Type in the name of the wordlist to create and tap ‘Save’.

The next step is to add one or more words to the wordlist.
Spelling Notebook will select the dictionary by region (e.g. UK, US, Canada).
Start typing the word that you want to add. As you type, the dictionary will show a list of possible words.

When the required word is found, tap it. The word is then added to the wordlist.
Once added, the word will be shown in blue and will be spoken audibly.

If you wish to record your own voice, tap Record to start and then tap it again when you’ve finished recording.
Note that Spelling Notebook will prompt you to connect a microphone if you do not have a built in microphone or external attached microphone available.

Add as many words as required to the wordlist.

To scroll through the dictionary, type part of the word and tap the ‘Search’ button.
Tap the search text field to resume typing to search.

If you cannot find the word you need in the dictionary, tap ‘New Word’.
Type in the new word to add to the dictionary. Tap ‘Save’ when you are ready. Spelling Notebook will scroll the dictionary to the newly added word. Tap the word to add it to your wordlist.

Once all required words have been added, tap ‘Done’.
The new wordlist will now appear.

From the new wordlist, tap ‘Test All…’. This will test the spelling of every word in the wordlist.
Spelling Notebook will audibly say the word. Use the keyboard to spell the word.
To hear the word again, tap ‘Repeat’.

Spelling Notebook will remember which words were spelt correctly and display a star beside them.

Tap ‘Practise…’, Spelling Notebook will say and show each word, one at a time, that does not have a star.
Spelling Notebook will audibly say the word and display the spelling in the top left corner if spelt incorrectly.
Type in the word correctly by copying the displayed word.

Tap ‘Retest…’ to test the words that do not have a star.

An existing wordlist can be modified. Tap ‘Add Words’ to add additional words to the list.
Tap ‘Record’ to change the audio for words in the list.

To edit a wordlist, tap ‘Edit’. The following screen will appear.

While editing, tap the ‘Add Words’ button in the top left corner to add more words to the wordlist.

While editing, tap the ‘-’ icon next to a word to begin deleting it, then tap ‘Delete’ to remove the word.

The order of words in the wordlist can be changed by tapping and holding on the three bars to the right of each word.
Drag the word to the desired place in the wordlist and release.
To clear all words from the list, Tap ‘Clear list…’.
To delete the list, Tap ‘Delete list…’.
To import words from another wordlist, Tap ‘Import words…’. You can import all words from that list or just the words with or without a star.
When all desired wordlist edits are finished, tap ‘Done’.

Spelling Notebook

Add words. Test your spelling. Hear each word spoken. Practice words you have yet to master. Retest your words at anytime.